NYC schedule

I need to keep track of things I've booked, and plan how I'm going to fit in everything I want to do. I doubt this page will be of much interest to you, but at least I'll know where to find it.

It may be a touch ambitious, with several meals on the run, but except for the booked/immovable items, it doesn't matter if I don't get to all of them.

In late April, sunrise is around 6am, sunset around 7:45pm. NYP: New York Pass FT: Fast track entry
Wednesday, 20 April
xx:xx-17:25 - Arrive JFK on QF107
Thursday, 21 April
09:00-11:30 - Free time/orientation/jetlag
12:30-15:30 - ?Circle Line full island cruise (NYP); arrive 30mins before to get ticket
16:00-18:30 - Free time/??Intrepid Museum (NYP)
19:00-20:30 - ?Top of the Rock to see sunset (NYP FT)
Friday, 22 April
09:30-12:00 - The Cloisters (NYP)
13:00-21:00 - The Met (doubt I'll last all day, but we'll see) (NYP FT)
Saturday, 23 April
08:30-10:30 - Cathedral St John the Divine (NYP)
11:30-14:30 - NoshWalks, Upper West Side (see also here)
16:00-18:30 - Bodies...the Exhibition (NYP)
Sunday, 24 April
10:00-12:30 - Guggenheim Museum (NYP FT)
13:30-15:30 - Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum
16:30-18:30 - Museum of Sex (NYP)
21:00-01:00 - Michael & Mardie @ Elaines
Monday, 25 April
09:00-13:00 - Free time/recovery
13:30-17:00 - MoMA (NYP FT)
Tuesday, 26 April
09:30-12:30 - NY Hall of Science (NYP)
13:30-20:00 - Free time/window shopping/Empire State Bldg (NYP FT)
Wednesday, 27 April
11:00-18:00 - Brooklyn Museum (and environs) (NYP)
Thursday, 28 April
09:00-19:00 - Free time/High Line Park/shopping/whatever
20:00-22:00 - Fancy dinner somewhere?
Friday, 29 April
09:00-15:00 - Packing, provisioning
16:00-18:45 - LIRR to F2F with friends

Monday, 2 May
11:30-15:00 - LIRR F2F to JFK via Jamaica/AirTrain
17:05-xx:xx - Depart JFK on UA25 to LAX, thence home

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  1. Things I had intended/scheduled, but haven't got to, but hopefully will.
    Top of the Rock
    Bodies...the Exhibition

    Things I had good intentions of going to, but was just too tired
    Choral Eucharist at St John the Divine (7pm Sat night)