Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Saag Gosht (Lamb in spinach)

I'm part way through making this again, because (a) it's delicious, (b) the kids love it, (c) it's got the greens built right in, (d) it reheats fairly well, which is important as we generally eat late/at weird times Mon-Thu, and (e) it's my favourite Indian restaurant dish.

This version is from Classic Indian Cooking by Julie Sahni (publ 1980). All the recipe titles are in English, although three decades on, the recognition of the Indian names would be much wider. For example, the suggested appetizer is "Savoury Pastries with Spicy Potato Filling" (aka samosas). "Whole Wheat Flaky Bread" (roti?) or "Baked Whole Wheat Puffy Bread" (naan?) are two of the suggested breads.

Saag Gosht is essentially a slow cooked meat casserole, which had a whole heap of spinach stirred through just before serving. Like any good slow cooked meat casserole, it takes time, and further improves with resting. But other than the time factor, it's pretty straightforward. I haven't modified the recipe much here (except to convert it to metric), which makes a very subtly flavoured curry - no kick, no kid-unfriendly flavours. If you do make it (which I highly recommend), let me know what modifications you make, and how it goes.

Oh, and it's fairly easy to scale up or down - I made a full recipe tonight; previously, I've made a 2/3 scale, as the meat was only 1kg.