Sunday, 17 January 2016

Um, next up Argentina!

Okay, so I'm a slackarse about updating this blog, but if you hadn't worked that out by now, you're not paying attention.

And we've actually got a week in Airlie Beach in June, but that's with extended family, so will be fun, but not quite so over-the-top.

But I just booked flights for me to go to Buenos Aires for ten days (plus a day's travel either end) on my own. Wheee!

I've chosen BA for this adventure for two reasons: one is that I've been learning Spanish off-campus at UNE and want to go somewhere to use it, and the other is that when I asked my friend/work colleague MT what place in South America she'd most like to return to, she replied Buenos Aires without a moment's hesitation. So I'm going!


What I would like from you, dear Reader, is suggestions for day trips, things I should definitely see (or not bother with), accommodation recommendations and any other input or experiences you can offer me. And I'll post my musings here as they come to me.

Te hablo pronto
(I'll talk to you soon)

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